How Does AI Work in Radiology: Applications and Use Cases

Published on 16th April 2019ByVikram Singh Bisen

How Does AI Work in Radiology

Artificial Intelligence or AI is now playing a vital role in healthcare industry helping doctors take quicker decision and provide the precision medicine for timely treatment of patients in critical care or need regular assistant post medical surgeries or treatments.

Radiology is one the sub-filed in medical sector where AI is now playing a decisive role in diagnosing the various types of diseases using the medical images like X-Rays, CT Scan, MRI and Ultrasound etc. helping doctors to take faster decisions. But do you know how AI in radiology works and how AI is used in radiology find below the points. 

AI Technology in Radiology

AI in radiology means an artificial mind can detect the aliments with acceptable level of accuracy. And AI-enabled machines or medical systems not only can detect the diseases but can also suggest the medicines as per the patient’s biological conditions and types of syndromes evident at initial stage of diagnosis by the doctors or medical attendants. 

AI Technology in Radiology

Actually, AI-based machines are developed using the machine learning process in which large number of annotated medical images like X-Rays etc. are used with right algorithms to train the machines through computer vision and predict the similar results. And these images are first manually annotated by the experienced doctors and then AI-enabled machines are also used to annotate the similar images to feed into machine learning.  

Meanwhile, machines are shown large quality of annotated data sets and as much such data is feed into the model it makes easier to detect the ailment. Once the model is fully trained, then raw data or without annotated images is shown to model for finding the malady, if the quantity and quality of data is good it will definitely predict with right results. 

AI Applications in Radiology      

The AI applications in radiology is immensely unpredictable, as from detecting a normal fracture in bones to diagnosing the cancer or tumors, in various parts of body, it is enabling the healthcare industry get a giant leap into the technology development. The applications of AI in radiology are expanded to wide range of diseases that can be detected through medical images and few AI use cases in radiologyare mentioned below.   

AI Use Cases in Radiology:

Identifying Cardiovascular Problems Detecting Fractures and Bone Ailments Detecting Musculoskeletal InjuriesDiagnosis of Neurological DiseasesScreening for Common Cancers/Tumors Diagnoses of Teeth Problems Jaw Ailments 

AI can do much more than your expectations if developed with right algorithms and data sets to recognize the wide number of verities into a particular sub-filed and also learn for using as a database before making any kind of predictions in such fields. Further with more improved machine learning training data, the AI models will detect disease with more accuracy.  

Though, AI use in radiology is already helping patients to get faster medical care and timely treatments for deadly disease like breast cancer but still there is enough room in this technology to make it more precise and allow doctors completely rely on this technology.

As, currently before taking final decisions the doctors still manually check the medical images and their feedbacks are also used to correct the model predictions and help machine learning developers to make the more reliable AI-enabled systems and provide a better livening conditions to mankind helping humans live with less pain and more comforts.

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