AIA Australia launches digital health coach for cancer patients

Nathan Eddy | 10 May 2019PATIENT CARE

Insurance provider AIA Australia announced the launch of its CancerAid Health Coach Program, a digital health management system provided to AIA Australia customers while they receive cancer treatment.

Designed to run in conjunction with the CancerAid application, the program educates patients on how to better manage their care while empowering them to actively participate in decisions around their health management.

Based on the concept of participatory health, the platform is designed to help patients and caregivers make behavioural changes, thereby driving improved clinical outcomes through access to evidence-based tools, and additional support for patients.

“We recognise that better health outcomes can be achieved if we offer services early,” Damien Mu, chief executive of AIA Australia and New Zealand, said in a statement.

Mu noted AIA has customers who are able to start the CancerAid Health Coach Program before they have even commenced their chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

“We are able to truly make a difference in the lives of these cancer patients at a time when they are extremely vulnerable,” he continued.

The program is broken down into modules with coaching calls that give patients up-to-date research and evidence-based information, and covers symptom tracking, the importance of activity and exercise, diet and nutrition, sleep and techniques to improve mental health.

An AIA Australia release noted that the evidence-based program was developed by cancer specialists and is delivered by health professionals through telehealth.

“We are extremely excited to partner with AIA to be able to bring our innovative program to even more patients,” CancerAid co-founder Dr. Raghav Murali-Ganesh said in a statement.

In an anonymous testimonial included in the AIA’s release announcing the program one participant recalls having “never felt more alone in my life” after the cancer prognosis.

“Nothing prepares you for that moment. After my initial shock and weeks of appointments I wanted to educate myself,” the testimonial states. “I had my own coach who was genuine, supportive and informative. Just another piece in the puzzle. At the end of program I felt empowered and had another tool in my belt, ready to tackle this cancer to the ground.”

AIA Australia was among the life insurer to partner with CancerAid to assist customers undergoing cancer treatment to achieve better health outcomes through a pilot program consisted of 50 customers in October 2018.

In November, AIA Australia and New Zealand announced a pilot program whereby the company’s employees would have access to mental health technology company Medibio’s corporate health program for six months.

The company’s platform is designed to help promote mental wellness by checking and monitoring symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress, and giving users a “wellness snapshot” that they can track and make improvements to over time.

Nathan Eddy is a healthcare and technology freelancer based in Berlin. Email the writer: nathaneddy@gmail.comTwitter: @dropdeaded209

Source: Healthcareit

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